Investors’ purchase offer is often conditional to finding a tenant to pay the minimum rental they want.
 You as their realtor , must prove how much rental the land can bring to them.  Auction is always the best way to find out  rental value.

ExtrAcre team can close a lease auction in as short as 7 days .

We do not need your client info , all we need is land info , and in 10 days , we close an auction, and provide you with the highest bid and contact info.


Get your client's offer accepted subject to finding a tenant

Send us the MLS No, or complete a form

Hear from us

Get auction results with winning bidder contact


Reach out to you to discuss your goals

Advertise the land for rent on newspapers, social medias and lots of websites.

Launch the land for rent in an online auction for 5-7 days

Online bidding closes

Send you auction results with winning bidder contact