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Simplifying farm real estate and farm management for landowners.
Connecting farmers with more land to rent and farm.

I want to rent out my farmland

I want help selling my farmland.

I want management Service

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The ExtrAcre Advantage

Close Connection To Sask farmers

Being in the farmland lease & rental busines for many years, we have built up a large pool of local farms in every region of Saskatchewan.

Find you trusted, reputable farmers

Price is not all you need, you need a trusted and reputable farmer for your land. We have created a large database of Farmer's Profile in Sask.

Efficient online auction process

The best and the most efficient way to find out fair rental value of your land is ONLINE AUCITON, period.

Secure favorable long-term lease

Long term lease makes long term improvement and sustainable use of your land , and high return to your investments.

Low commission on total rental

Normally we lease your land out for 10-30% higher than your current rental. No fee if we end up renting your land with less then 10% increase.

Optional land management services

We Manage all correspondence with leasees, and Enforce sustainable land management practices and yearly maintenance


Are you getting fair rental for your land?  Need fair rental to evaluate your farm land value?

Simply fill in legal descriptions, and ExtrAcre will email you with a detailed report of your farmland and an assessment of its current rental value.

ExtrAcre is an Online Rental Auction Platform which was the first of its kind in Canada, and which quickly became widely recognized as the authority for the establishment of area rental rate in Sask.